Mobile and Web Apps Projects

Our mobile app solutions are aligned with your needs as a client. We focus on turning your ideas into a customized native mobile app builder for iOS and Android operating systems through android app development. Our mobile app builder development services include:

  1. iOS development;
  2. Android app development;
  3. Cross-platform development;
  4. Web apps extensions development;
  5. Financial app developments; and
  6. Integrations of modules.

I&I Rose Garden

A holistic wellness company that sought a custom ecommerce solution with the following functionalities:

Administrative functionality that allows menus to be rotated weekly.

Orders placement and scheduling via the app with age verification and payment in-store.

Customer loyalty functionality such as a rewards program.

Capabilities for creating a custom schedule and generating a ticket that is emailed to both the customer and the product owner.

A dashboard that helps with order fulfillment.

Under Development


A collaboration between Uncut Lab, Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the University of Education, Winneba’s Department of Geography to:

Create a portal that allows stakeholders to readily access datasets and satellite images, accelerating lead times for climate research and development.

Enhance limited datasets leveraging the power of AI and predictive analytics.

Facilitate knowledge sharing, especially amongst cash strapped local governments and community organizations.

Enable cohesiveness of analysis through centralization.

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