Our Web Design Service Projects

Uncut Lab has a diverse set of clients. From non-profit organizations, to main street businesses, to start-ups, we develop a custom product that speaks to the brand values of each of our clients. Contained in this portfolio are samples from 4 clients with active websites as well as samples of other products and services designed and deployed by our company.  

Our team can build simple websites in:

  1. Webflow 
  2. WordPress 

We can also build more complex websites with the following features:

  • Searchable databases
  • Custom third party integrations (per your specifications)

JGJ Designs

Contracted to create a portfolio website for a graphic design firm.

Created custom iconography for landing pages.

Designed custom imagery used on landing page which aligned with the business’s brand assets.

Designed, configured, and deployed a custom Wordpress website.

Trained client on the administrative and content management system of the site.

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Reimage and rebrand product pages for the start-up including the design for a new website with accompanying product pages.

Generated a new set of brand assets logos, typography, and color palettes.

Overhauled the visual design of the product pages. 

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Enlisted to redesign the visual brand for the largest real estate platform in Ghana, West Africa and overhaul property listing layouts.

Generated a new set of brand assets logos, typography and color palettes.

Redesigned property listings pages.

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Collaborating with the start-up to develop a marketplace where insurance  and other financial services can be purchased by Africans living in the diaspora for their loved ones on the continent.

This platform is currently under development

Under development