Need an experienced team that can transform your interesting ideas into a powerful digital tool?


Mobile App Development

Our team works with specialty retailers to turn an idea into a customized mobile application for the iOS (Apple) and Android stores. We help your retail establishment strengthen its brand, get more engagement, and improve sales.


Database Architecture & Maintenance

We facilitate the design, build, and deployment of a data strategy that focuses on maximizing performance while optimizing functionality for your specialty retail business. Our team will improve the performance of existing databases by running technical assessments to free up disk space, check for data errors, and determine hardware failures. 


Customized ERP

Our firm provides a broad spectrum of services to help specialty retailers and cannabis establishments build robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These complex systems help streamline business operations while improving efficiency. They enable you to make strategic and agile business decisions.


Cloud Migration

Our team helps clients migrate applications, or other business functions, to a cloud environment, increasing accessibility, flexibility, security, and durability.


Database Maintenance

Our team runs technical assessments to free up disk space, check for data errors, and determine hardware failures, in order to improve the performance of existing databases.


Web Application Development

Our agile development team will take your retail business through the full cycle of product development. Whether building an ecommerce store on an already existing platform or creating customized e-commerce functionality on your website, our team can create a spectacular digital experience to help your specialty retail business access new markets.

Our Expertise

Explore how our custom technology solutions and services can help your speciality retail, independent book store, cannabis business or small business grow. Leverage our technology software and services to optimize your workflows or access new markets.

Our Process


With nothing on paper but an idea, we brainstorm with you to kick start the design process.


We plan the layout and appearance of your website.


Our in-house copywriters and content creators will craft words that will let your web page sing. Creativity through prose.


Creativity through visual design is unleashed to make your website stand out.

Testing & Iteration

AB Testing, and design concepts tested for final approval.


Your website is launched, creating inspiration for your team and smiles for your users.

Clients Testimonials

I&I Rose Garden

Ryan says:
"Everyone was so good about explaining the process. Everyone was super responsive and felt comfortable while working with the team."


Babatunde says:
"The team’s ability to provide expertise and implement their experience was an added advantage."

I&I Rose Gargen

Kijana says:
"It was an aligned experience as Uncut Lab has a diverse team and it was exciting to work with a team that aligns with black-owned or minority owned businesses."


Adelita Callwood says:
"The team also made themselves available to answer any questions after the project was finished. Great overall experience!"