Specialty Retailers 

Trust our team to be your partner in creating custom:

- web applications to optimize order management and fulfillment, as well as inventory and asset management

- websites to showcase your services 

- e-commerce solutions that provide quick access to your goods and services with click of a button

Tools designed to help you run your business efficiently

Our software tools and services help speciality retailers remain competitive against larger eCommerce giants.  We understand that your customers patronize your retail establishment because it provides a curated experience that cannot be replicated by Amazon. Our team leverages your unique brand and expertise to create cloud software solutions that translate your expertise into a one-of-a-kind online experience. 

Our web applications help book sellers, cannabis dispensaries, collectible dealers, and other speciality retailers in the following areas:

  • Data management
  • Client relationship management
  • Implementation and professional services
  • Reconciliation and workflow management
  • Revenue management
  • Order management and fulfillment