Feb 1, 2023

8 Productivity Tips for Cannabis Business Owners in the U.S.

The rapidly growing cannabis industry is attracting massive players, both new and established, working to stamp their market dominance. The growth is attributed to the widespread acceptance of cannabis prompted by its legalization. With this comes the burgeoning cannabis jobs in the U.S., which calls for even more challenges in the adoption of human resource practices. 

The pressure to produce more efficiently is pushing some industry players to put in more working hours. However, there is a need to create a strong productivity plan based on modern human resource strategy. The biggest productivity challenge for cannabis entrepreneurs is trying to create a work-life balance in managing the rapid cannabis enterprises trying to meet the rising product demands. Moreover, managers feel the pressure involved in hiring with many businesses experiencing high staff turnover. 

In this article, we highlight some important productivity tips that cannabis business owners must adapt to succeed in the rapidly growing, changing, and competitive industry. 

Tip #1: Get the right HR professional partner

Managing a cannabis business is more complex than the average established industry. First, the cannabis industry is new, and managing employee relations should be a priority for any business. The constantly evolving labor laws and issues related to cannabis payroll make the need to have cannabis-specific human resource partners a necessity. The HR expert will ensure compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other legal requirements. 

Tip #2: Delegate tasks and don’t try to do everything

The most successful business owners know that they cannot do everything on their own. Successful cannabis business owners are experts at delegating tasks and hence know when to seek outside help. Other than relying only on your employees, you can also seek outsourcing services from professionals. 

Tip #3: Define roles and responsibilities for your employees

The cannabis business environment is stricter compared to other industries, especially when it comes to handling cannabis plants or harvests. A simple mistake that is excusable in other industries can lead to serious legal ramifications for the cannabis company. Therefore, as a cannabis business owner, you need to create effective and applicable work policies for your employees. 

Each employee must be aware of what they can, and cannot do in the company. When you outline specific boundaries or legal limits for each employee’s role, it not only prevents possible legal challenges but also ensures high productivity. 

Tip #4: Take Responsibility

While the delicate cannabis industry can be challenging and a few mistakes here and there can affect productivity, it takes a great business owner to take the leadership of their enterprise by taking responsibility for mistakes. As a cannabis business owner, failing to take responsibility when things go wrong can only lead to more problems that may sink the business. Taking responsibility means doing away with blame games, and instead of taking the full initiative to address the problems and create a plan of action to correct them. 

Tip #5: Create an effective communication environment within your enterprise

We are all aware of the importance of communication in ensuring high productivity within a team. A lack of effective communication can only lead to chaos, confusion, redundancies, and overall loss of productivity. Therefore, as a cannabis business owner, you will need to communicate values, goals, plans of action, hurdles and potential challenges, and expectations to your team. 

Effective communication will keep all the stakeholders on the same page, hence ensuring everyone does their part as defined by your business goals and industry policies. 

Tip #6: Build trust with your team

One of the biggest challenges affecting many small and medium enterprise owners is attempting to be a micromanager. To be a successful cannabis enterprise business owner, you must give your employees full trust to execute tasks and only come in when called upon to give a direction. 

Once you’ve hired the right people, you give them full trust to execute tasks. In return, they will give trust back to a point where you can share ideas. 

Tip #7: Inspire your team through recognition and rewards 

Recognition is one of the most powerful tools used by entrepreneurs to build a strong work culture. A team member who feels valued is likely to be more creative and productive. This is an important way of not only building a strong working team but also improving productivity in your business. 

Tip #8: Create a comprehensive benefits and wellness program

Despite being a growing industry with great promise, cannabis business owners have struggled to create proper wellness access for their employees. This is partly due to the limitations they have traditionally experienced with banking services. However, doors have begun to open for cannabis businesses to offer some programs, such as 401(k) and insurance to their employees. 

As a cannabis business owner, you can partner with cannabis-friendly financial advisors and brokers. This will ensure you attract and retain qualified employees, hence better productivity. 


Productivity in a cannabis business enterprise must be viewed through a more complex lens due to the complexity of this new industry. Therefore, having an open mind as a business owner will help you create a better working environment for your team to improve productivity.

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